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Hot and Cold Coffee Maker
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AeroPress Delicious Espresso and Cold Brew Coffee Maker

"Quick, easy and super tasty." Victoria

Smooth, rich and delicious, the patented AeroPress makes a perfect coffee in less than a minute. A fabulous match for your Mumma's Beans coffee!

We tested a lot before deciding which coffee maker to offer for our Mumma's Beans customers before settling on this hot and cold coffee maker. Because it doesn't only create deliciously smooth coffee, it's also super light and easy to use, making it the best portable coffee maker in the market - take it to the park, camping, office, travelling. Imagine, you'll never have to have a bad coffee again!

How to use your AeroPress to make hot espresso or cold brew coffee?

1. Add 1 scoop Mumma's Beans coffee per cup and water (hot for espresso/room temp or cold for cold brew)

2. Stir and brew for 10 seconds (20 seconds if using cold water)

3. Press coffee into mug

4. Enjoy :)

Makes up to 4 espressos or 2 cups at a time (300ml).

Add 100g of our delicious  Australian Grown Lower Caffeine or Organic Decaf for only $10 to get you started.

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